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Mastering the coffee business by leading the coffee and cafe industry. We are integrating the passion for the premium specialty coffee with the sole of the professional positive Barista in a very dedicated well engineered system to create a in every spot we post our passion.

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dr.CAFE pioneered in coffee business for its indispensable line of coffee product range. Revitalize your coffee experience in dr.CAFE which is an amalgamation of passion, purity and Perfection


The perfect place wherein you will find the antidote for your stressful life and improve the zeal within you.


Sophisticated product offerings and exemplary service will elucidate your day.


The 3rd Wave of dr.CAFE COFFEE premium specialty coffee

V12 is a symbol of commitment, pursuit of excellence, versatility {V} in adapting to change and the passion to serve premium specialty coffee. That has always been our purpose since the beginning.

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Much of Rewards !

Earn points and redeem them for great rewards.

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We are confident that our evolution would resonate the coffee industry as we have imparted on a journey which will leave the industry flabbergasted.

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We created
revolution in app

dr.CAFE relishes the fact of being the first International Chain in the Kingdom which credits the launch of the mobile APP, breaking all the conventional methods of doing business.

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Crucial Broadcast

In line with the latest directives from the ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, we would like to inform all our coffee enthusiasts that our store will be open only for take away orders and drive thrus.

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