V12 is a symbol of commitment, pursuit of excellence, Versatility {V12} in adapting to change and the passion to serve premium specialty coffee. That has always been our purpose since the beginning.

Currently, we have remained steadfast in offering distinct coffee varieties plus the in-depth selection of appropriate manual and advanced brew methods. Then, we incorporated 12 of the most Versatile brewing techniques to satisfy each coffee audience. This equation is perfect in guaranteeing satisfaction with every experience.

With V12 , evolution is evident. We assure you that we will be at the forefront of all the stages in the seed to cup process. V12 is the extraction of passion.

V12 by dr.CAFE COFFEE is renowned for its cafes, and after you sip a Flat White at one of them you’ll never prefer to go to Normal chains again. There’s simply something about the strong lattes artfully created by way of professional baristas, who take satisfaction in knowing your order after the first time you stroll in. V12 also provide house-made treats such as fluffy croissants, juicy fruit parfaits and fresh-out-of-the-oven muffins, making it a handy decision to omit your ordinary boring continental breakfast. Outdoor patio are additionally the perfect vicinity for guests to watch and soak in the sounds of the city.