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In order to suit each individual guest's lifestyle and to make a personal experience memorable.


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dr.CAFE is a leading coffee company that provides unmatched standards in high quality products, knowledgeable and friendly services and outstanding Ultimate Place Experience in order to suit each individual guest's lifestyle and to make a personal experience memorable.

At dr.CAFE, we are always excited to share with everyone the success story of our people, the achievements, over a best cup of coffee. Whenever we look back on our milestones, the memories are still clear in our mind that it seemed like only yesterday. The passion for coffee, determination to excel, and living by our values have been embedded in our hearts since the beginning…and it will always remain the same.

Everyday has been a challenging adventure at dr.CAFE. We cultivate the spirit of a legendary coffee tradition while reinventing a masterpiece to personalize original ideas to blend with our philosophy, core values and the commitment to excel in delivering the experience of the best coffee in the world.

Our coffee business is only the visible reflection of the real coffee charisma and charm. The mysterious coffee world has been meticulously explored with the pure belief and integrity of our founder since the beginning. The moment has arrived to reveal our true passion of coffee and shape dr.CAFE COFFEE’s destiny.

We are executing the Global Expansion Plan to reach coffee lovers worldwide and above all that we are proud to share the experience and real journey from the land of coffee the dr.CAFE Way.

Art Of Espresso

Secrets of Great Espresso

Espresso means "made at the spur of the moment". It is an adjective applied to food and drinks that are made at the moment of asking, and in Italy it is chiefly used to describe coffee, so that it has become a noun.

The inimitable Italian phrase poco ma buono means "small but good". At dr.CAFE COFFEE, we believe that the poco ma buono that we serve is a remarkable and controlled shot of espresso that is difficult to match. Our skilled and experienced baristas ensure that every shot of espresso served is a perfect shot. It has a caramel and nutty taste, a sweet and intense flavour, with a hint of acidity that is noticeable to your taste buds.

Master of the Art

The baristas are considered to be the real masters of making an espresso. While making barely 1 to 1 ½ fluid ounce of espresso, with their well trained expertise, they observe many critical variables and characteristics:

The right grind should be extra fine having the texture of fine grain white sugar. The grind should neither be too coarse (big particles) nor too fine (powdery) to extract the proper flavours of the coffee.

Depending on the type of espresso machine used, the right dose is between 7-10 grams (1 ½ to 2 level tablespoons) of ground coffee in the portafilter with some space to allow the grounds to expand when they are in contact with the hot water.

This refers to the amount of pressure we apply to the ground of espresso when we pack coffee according to the dose in the portafilter. This is approximately 30 pounds of pressure. Too little or too much tamping to the ground coffee could lead to an over-extraction (over brewing) or under-extraction (too short time brewing) of the flavours. If the espresso is flowing through the portafilter too quickly, it means that the coffee is under extracted. If espresso flows too slowly, in means the coffee is over extracted.

Water also could lead to an over-extraction (over brewing) or under-extraction (too short time brewing) of the espresso shot. Water temperature must be raised to over 212ºF/100ºC, and will be delivered within the range of 198ºF – 201°F / 92ºC – 94ºC. It takes power to generate such heat, and precise control to balance it.

Water also could lead to an over-extraction (over brewing) or under-extraction (too short time brewing) of the espresso shot. Water temperature must be raised to over 212ºF/100ºC, and will be delivered within the range of 198ºF – 201°F / 92ºC – 94ºC. It takes power to generate such heat, and precise control to balance it.

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Coffee at Home

How to brew a great cup of coffee at home

Brewing Equipment

It is necessary to choose the right brewing equipment according to the favorite beverage type. dr.CAFE COFFEE Brewing Shuttle is recommended to brew a great cup of coffee due to its advanced features as well as an array of advantages particularly easy to use, modern yet compact design, high features of filter, etc. For more formation, a brochure of this machine is available at all dr.CAFE COFFEE stores. Alternatively, dr.CAFE COFFEE baristas are glad to provide information about this equipment.

French Press is recommended method for brewing coffee indoors or outdoors; simply pour boiling water over a coarse grind of coffee, allow it to brew for 4 minutes. Then, press down the stainless steel filter to the bottom of the French Press. The coffee now is ready for you to enjoy with its full flavours and oil extractions.

Espresso Machine is another brewing method, which relies on pressure rather than steeping or gravity to brew. This machine requires more skill than French Press to produce a concentrated shot of espresso that is very rich in flavours and aromas. It is capable of producing great Cappuccino and Latte.

Drip Coffee Machine relies on gravity rather than pressure or steeping methods. It is the most common and popular brewing method for its convenience and speed. This machine requires a permanent or a paper filter for brewing.

There are other brewing methods like the vacuum pot, cold-water concentrate and of course the Middle East brewing method on a stove.

Brewing Variables

The goal of brewing is to extract the fullest possible range of desirable flavours and leave the impurities behind.

Brewing Basics

Great lasting coffee must start with freshly roasted beans. To maintain freshness, it is necessary to store the coffee beans in an airtight container away from heat, sunlight and to minimize the exposure of the bean surface to oxygen. Coffee has to be used within 7 (seven) days from opening your pre-packed bag or can.

Just before brewing, grind the beans. The grind needs to be not too coarse and not too fine, so just the right amount of soluble materials is extracted into the finished cup. This means "the right grind for the right brewing method". Use a finer grind than required will lead to over extraction, using a coarser grind will lead to under extraction in the coffee, which affects the taste and your drinking pleasure.

The taste of the coffee, therefore, is directly related to the taste of water used to brew it. For brewing, use filtered fresh water free from any "off tastes" and odors. Mineral water is a good substitute when filtered water is not available. Temperature is essential for your proper coffee extraction. The ideal temperature for all brewing methods other than espresso is 212ºF/100ºC, which is the same as "just off the boil".

The proper proportion is 1 heaping tablespoon (10 grams) of dr.CAFE COFFEE fresh, properly ground coffee for every 6 ounces (180 ml) of fresh hot water. Too little or too much ground coffee will lead to over-extraction (over brewing) or under-extraction (too short period brewing) of your cup of coffee.

Once brewed, the coffee should be held for a maximum of 20 minutes. Transferring the coffee immediately into a professionally insulated dr.CAFE COFFEE thermos extends the coffee's useful life to 45-60 minutes. French Press brewed coffee should be enjoyed within 20 minutes after brewing to fully enjoy the taste of the natural ingredients it contains.

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Coffee Freshness care by Ideal Storage

As a home coffee drinker, storing packaged ground coffee in the freezer may do more harm than good if the damage from oxygen exposure is present, such as storing in a container that is not air tight or secure to keep your beans from the danger of absorbing odors from your freezer.

Seasonal Varieties of Beans

  • Air - To keep coffee from oxygen, store it in an airtight container
  • Light – Make sure the container used is preventing light from coming in
  • Heat – Keep in a cup board at room temperature
  • Moisture – do not keep in the refrigerator. Storing coffee in the refrigerator or freezer in the improper way, for daily use, can damage the coffee as warm, moist air condenses on the beans and can cause cracking or breaking.

The ideal way to store coffee in the freezer is to

  • Pre- package the grounds individually in small plastic bags according to amount to be used for 1 brewing
  • Keep the plastic bags in sealed containers at less than -10 degrees F
  • Take out the ground you require to use grounds are ready for use. This will stop the release of carbon dioxide and aromatics from the bean as well as stop any chemical reactions with oxygen.
  • Brew and Enjoy


Artisan Roastery

dr.CAFE COFFEE has been roasting and selling the highest quality specialty coffees since 1997. The passion is to discover the finest and most appealing 100% pure Arabica coffees from around the world each season, roast them to perfection. Our beans are roasted using the latest fully automated automatic roasting facilities and packed with the high-technology machine to ensure conformance to freshness and quality assurance standards.

Seasonal Varieties of Beans

We meticulously monitor our property and resources as well as the freshness of our production to guarantee the availability of every single type of beans around the year. We carefully formulate proper planning and implement an advanced logistics management in order to control the stocks of seasonal varieties of beans from different origins.

Our experienced Roast Masters

Brewing only freshly roasted coffee is the only way to extract the true flavour of a coffee bean. Our experienced Roast Masters select the beans, monitor the roasting process to the peak of perfection and create flavourful blends only available to hand craft roasters. Since a roasted bean's flavour degrades fairly quickly, we only roast what can be freshly brewed, preserving the true flavour of coffee in our store or at home.

flavour and aromatics

Coffee beans need to be roasted to bring out their irresistible flavour and aromatics. The process of sugars and carbohydrates in coffee beans are emulsified and caramelized to extract the coffee oils which bring out the flavours and aromas and tastes of coffee.

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