Become an Owner

We have earned a reputation of being the leader in the coffee and cafe industry in communities we are established in. We are confident that we are not selling a job like most franchise companies do; we offer individuals a real business with realistic growth potential.

Being the leader

We believe a venture with dr.CAFE COFFEE would not only offer a good return on investment but also imparts substantial coffee knowledge that definitely harness personal enthusiasm and motivation.

There are only a few who are very special partners for us. We require trustworthy and enthusiastic people with imagination to see more than just an investment with us.

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Expand around the globe

Confidence, professionalism and an understanding of the systems will ensure our potential owners have a rewarding experience as we expand around the globe.

There are two ways to become a proud owner of dr.CAFE COFFEE - FRANCHISING and/or PARTNERSHIP.

What can
we provide?

We give special emphasis to this as dr.CAFE COFFEE is a people's company and people are the heart of our business.



Franchising is a carefully structured programme whereby the Franchisor enters into a Mid-to Long-term Agreement to transfer the business know-how and the Total Goodwill to a Franchisee to use in an exclusive Territory or Location...



Franchisor provides a ready-made, established and tested business format including name, corporate power, training and support services. The Franchisor gains a new outlet in a new territory with minimum capital investment in setting it up...



Franchisee buys licensed rights to clone the whole package from the Franchisor in a specific territory for a period, backed by full support from the Franchisor. It gets a safer, more structured, brand-led way of moving into independent business.



Partnership is a new and exciting way to be a part of our successful journey. You have options for either a partial ownership or a full franchise. Our partnership scheme gives an individual or company ownership of up to 49% of a store, region or country.

The individual or company will have access to the Financial Statement and other financial data that monitor his (or her) their investment in dr.CAFE COFFEE.

— Partnership

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One advantage of the partnership scheme is that investors will not be operationally involved in running the franchise, unlike our full franchise schemes. Potential investors are free to leave daily operations to our operations team.

— Advantages


With the freedom to enjoy the other benefits in life and at the same time being part of a global chain expanding around the world, dr.CAFE COFFEE offers this ultimate advantage.

Franchise Profile

The franchisee is granted the license to operate a dr.CAFE COFFEE store in a particular country, part of country, geographical territory or site subject to the successful completion of the required training program for a period of fifteen (15) years or the length of the lease, land or space, whichever is shorter.

Franchising Qualifications

We continually seek highly qualified individuals to join the dr.CAFE COFFEE family as new franchisees. We seek persons who are highly competent, committed individuals with a strong desire to succeed and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and possess a good business acumen, which involves management responsibilities including financial knowledge, profit accountability, personnel supervision and have extensive customer contacts. Previous business experience, firm financial footing and a proven track record of success in their past business endeavours are important factors which will be taken into consideration.

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Anim pariatur cliche reprehenderit, 3 wolf the franchisee is granted license to operate a dr.CAFE COFFEE store in a particular country, part of a country, geographical territory, or site subject to the successful completion of the required training program. The franchise agreement allows you to operate a specific dr.CAFE COFFEE stores for a period of fifteen (15) years or the lease term of the land or space, whichever is shorter. For more details check our rules and conditions.

The benefits of franchising with us are:


Being a dr.CAFE COFFEE franchisee enables you to have the opportunity to be the owner of a unique and upbeat business, yet receive the advantages of a corporate giant through our support structure.


From the moment you begin the training programs throughout your franchise career, this group will be responsible for providing you expert advice. Their goal is to continually provide you with operational and management skills by maximizing our S & C policy and they will ensure that you maintain our standard and culture, which benefits sales and profit. They will also serve as your link to innovative and authentic ideas of work ethics in dr.CAFE COFFEE.


We maintain a corporate marketing staff in order to ensure that dr.CAFE COFFEE and the franchisee's finances are allotted for the proper way, which will ensure profitable returns. These corporate staffs’ works with advertising, promotions and public relations agencies to create develop and implement local and national marketing programs. The reason for this is to maintain consistency and standard marketing programs that will ensure success of both our system. The franchisee is required to contribute 5% of the monthly gross sales for national and local advertising.


Site selection is an important determining factor for the success of the business venture. Our employees and real estate professional staff who are delegated to evaluate overall market development, population, traffic patterns, site side and cost and as well as break even sales levels. Their goal is to make sure that we remain competitive and at the cutting edge in the coffee and cafe industry.


This team's primary responsibility is to ensure that our dr.CAFE COFFEE stores are advanced in terms of technology and efficiency in the Food and Beverage Service industry. They also aim to develop a variety of designs to suit specific market needs. They make sure that all design specifications conform to our standards. The entire duration of the project will monitor progress of the assigned timetable target and be available for consultation.


They work hand in hand with several independent suppliers. Our purchasing department is responsible to ensure that food & beverage, paper products and other materials needed for dr.CAFE COFFEE store operations are stock level sufficient. We ensure quality control specifications and high standards at a competitive cost. It is important to keep in mind that we sell these items to the franchisee directly and give advice which supplier they should patronize.

The food and beverage safety and sanitation procedures are highly upheld in our dr.CAFE COFFEE store operations. Hence, we ensure that all food and beverage safety and sanitation measures are strictly practiced from store to store and we make sure that healthy and safe food and beverage is served in every one of our cafes.


The preparation of financial statements is one of the key objectives to an effective accounting system. The application of accounting concepts and the format of financial statements should be consistent for each month to provide compatibility and enable the franchisee to draw conclusions based on accurately prepared information. Use of these implemented financial statement formats and adherence to the recommendations in accounting procedures are encouraged for all franchisees. By following these recommendations, the statements will be compared with company owned stores as well as other franchisees, enabling dr.CAFE COFFEE to closely monitor the owner's financial situation.


The franchisee will be responsible to hire and train its employees strictly according to dr.CAFE COFFEE standards. We will however, assist the concerned franchisee in recruitment and training assignments. The franchisee is also expected to conduct follow-up training for its people. We will also support the applicant in the form of providing the venue for all training.

Our supports to franchisees are:


With our franchising team, the franchisee can put up a dr.CAFE COFFEE store in no time according to the needs and requirements of your facility. Everything is pre-designed and will be carefully fabricated at the site. A complete service efficient concept with all the elements will come the dr.CAFE COFFEE way.

We provide all the benefits of being part of a successful global chain. We take care of the complete blueprint, construction and completion of your dr.CAFE COFFEE store as part of our Franchise program. Our vast experience and proven track record keeps our franchisees insecure hands with best possible sites and stores.


Our Operations team will assist the franchisee in providing and maintaining product quality, service and system standards that ensure guaranteed satisfied guests. Our Operations department will continue to conduct and complete training to assist the franchisee with future and on going development of their team members and store managers to gain skills for increasing sales and to learn the skills of forecasting for effective and smooth operation to achieve maximum profits.


The franchisee will definitely benefit from the experts in our marketing department, who have a bounty source of information on different countries and regions that will take away painstaking endless market research. They will assist in product launching, promotions and strategic marketing. Our advertising campaigns are designed to focus on local market penetration and maximized efficiency of promotions. Our exciting in-store programs promote further awareness, drive our sales, and increase bottom line performance in each of our outlets. Franchisees are encouraged to contribute creative and innovative ideas for global use and future endeavours.

We invest heavily in our research and development. Our R & D department is comprised of 3 divisions:


Our Coffee department is made up a group of experts and technicians whose qualifications are their love and extensive knowledge about coffee. They constantly monitor the quality and consistency of our Arabica beans purchased from the different regions; they are constantly innovating to achieve the right taste profile. The beans are then sent to the roasting plant where the beans are cupped at different roast level all to ensure a consistent dr.CAFE COFFEE roast profile. At dr.CAFE COFFEE the phrase "We Roast Our Beans, One Bean at a Time" is taken literally.


Food and Beverage division has a team of dedicated nutritionists, food and pastry chefs and bakery equipment technicians who are in constant communication with developments of the coffee department, their role is to come up with new pastries and improved recipes to complement our wide selection of coffees. They do a lot of research on ingredients used in our products and keep full details on the health related issues concerning the ingredients.


Our S & E (Study and Evaluation) team is responsible for the actual research and evaluation. They are responsible for continuous improvements. Testing new equipment best suited for our brewing methods, studying other suppliers equipment’s and looking for new suppliers, continuous research on environment issues related to the stores, and coordinating with our marketing division, provide learning and development to other department with studies and reports on improved training equipment’s and software, even doing regular studies on operational procedures by updating our various resource manuals. All this is done to continually improve and maintain the highest standards and values we install in ourselves.


Our training and support programs are a requirement like any other franchising business. Training is a top priority at dr.CAFE COFFEE because the success of the concept depends on dedicated, well-trained people and uniform operations from Store to Store.

We not only help and guide in the development of team members but also educate our franchisee. The main objective of our training is to prepare the franchisee to operate a dr.CAFE COFFEE franchise successfully by implementing our systems, procedures and standards effectively and consistently. The dr.CAFE COFFEE learning path consisting of eight levels of training guiding any one from the position of Barista to a position of Operations Manager and is designed to educate our franchisees in all aspects of dr.CAFE COFFEE systems, techniques and philosophies.

Our trainers both in store and in classroom are also well-trained industry experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge on current market trends and developments to further enhance store operations.


Administration department is tasked with the responsibility of keeping each department fully resourced and in constant communication, facilitates the efficient distribution of documentation procedures to all departments and to provide the best service and support to our franchisee.


This is the most colorful and electrifying department of dr.CAFE COFFEE. The graphic designing team plays a foremost role in making dr.CAFE COFFEE a first home, as they put together graphics and arts that are relevant to the region to make every visit a memorable one for our valued guest. They put their creative touch in almost everything from projects to product packing.


Maintenance department is tasked with preventive maintenance responsibilities. They are dynamically involved with the projects department to facilitate and develop new schematics that will ensure smooth maintenance for new upcoming stores, monitor the efficiency of as well as the productivity of current store equipment and facilities.

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